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Popol a 2D strategy game inspired by games like Age of Mythology and Populous.

Be a mayan god, help your village grow and prepare to fight against infinite hordes of enemies. Don't let all your people die, use your powers to defend them.

This first version contains the Survival Mode:

  • Help your people collect food, control the clouds and make it rain on the corn plants.
  • Create new subdites and buy powers, get ready to fight.
  • Win battles, unleash your powers against the enemy.
  • Fight against the giant warriors.
  • Collect animal offerings and invoke the corn warriors!

Soon I'll develop the Campaign Mode! In this game mode you and your tribe will fight against the evils lords of Xibalba (the demons of the Mayan underworld), mythological creatures and  Gods await you!

Game created by Sarturo (@sarturoDev).

Music by EmajiDev.

Soon I will be adding more features to the Survival Mode, I appreciate any feedback :)

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Install instructions

Unzip and play,


Popol for Windows 64 bits 24 MB
Popol for Windows 32 bits 24 MB
Popol for Linux 26 MB
Popol for Mac 27 MB

Development log


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It's games like Popol that make my everlasting hunt for original, quirky offerings so rewarding. I had no idea how this game was going to present itself and how it was going to flow, I just dived in head first!

What we have here is a quite wonderful mixture of resource management, God sim, action and strategy all slapped together in a wonderfully-animated, intuitive fashion.

It took me a couple of miserable failures before starting to realise the little intricacies, tricks and overall aims of the game before really getting to grips with things a bit more, and even by the end of my first little session of playing I felt like I hadn't completely nailed down the technique!

It's a classic example of practice making perfect, mixed with a little luck and learning how to best time things (and also being able to manipulate those pesky clouds!).

I'll be back to play more of this for sure as the development ticks along, and I'm really hyped for the Campaign mode, would love to see some more story and meaty chunks built around the bare bones of the Survival mode we have at the moment! Keep up the awesome work Sarturo =) and everyone else, give this little gem a go and show me how it's done!


Nice game!

Thank you! I'll be adding updates soon!